So who are we?

We are professional dog trainers based in Brisbane and The Gold Coast of Queensland. We have over 11 years of combined experience from parts of the industry such as:


About Us

My name is Tom and I am the owner and lead trainer of The Stoic Dog. My dog career began in 2017 when I completed the Special Operations Military Working Dog (SOMWD) Handlers course with the 2nd Commando Regiment in the Australian Army Special Forces. 

My military career spanned 12 years from 2007-2019. When I decided to leave the military I struggled with the same battles as most ex-Defence people; loss of purpose, structure and support. For me working with dogs and adopting the Stoic philosophy in my life has helped me with many of the battles inherent to my previous occupation. 

When I entered the civilian world I completed the Professional Dog Trainer’s Course with the Alpha Canine Group. It was here that I learned the methods that I employ today. 

I believe that a degree of structure, discipline and meaningful engagement are key to living a successful life. Here at The Stoic Dog I aim to impart some of the lessons I have learned and apply them to the human-animal bond which I cherish so much.

My name is Emily and I have been working with pet dogs for over 7 years in various occupations and volunteer work, including RSPCA, Guide Dogs QLD and PET stock. Most recently I have been expanding my knowledge base and putting my own personal dog training experience to good use with group obedience training and in home behavioural consultations.

Along with formal study of dog behaviour and psychology, I have learnt a lot from training my two active working breed dogs, who both have their own challenges, and helping my local community with their dogs. I am beyond ecstatic to finally be fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a full time Dog Trainer.

My name is Chris and I began my journey handling and training dogs in 2019 as a Military Working Dog Handler in the Australian Army.

Since then, I have worked with multiple agencies and countless dogs, which has given me a range of experience and knowledge training and addressing topics such as behavioural issue, obedience, lead pulling, sport dog training and more.

I have a passion for helping people confidently share their lifestyle with their dog free of issues, as well as helping people better understand how to effectively train their companion in a way that is enjoyable for both owners and dog.

What do we do?

We do in home behavioural consulting

This is where we come to your house and help you solve simple or complex dog problems such as aggression, lead pulling etc.

We train new dog owners to live their best life

We want to set you and your dog up for the best start to a long and fulfilling journey. Whether you are a first time owner or just want some extra help.

We build a training style around your lifestyle!

We know dogs. We’ve been working with dogs in a bunch of ways so that we can guide you through any problem, OR, just show you how to teach your dog to be better involved in what YOU do. 

Why do we do it?

Tom - Director/Owner:

“I am absolutely fascinated by the bond we share with our dogs. We can learn so much from each other and it is quite striking to me how fine a line it is between a good relationship with your dog, and a terrible one. I just want to show people how easily we can change that balance for the better with some very simple steps”

Emily - Behavioural Consultant:

“I’ve always wanted to protect dogs. I’ve seen too many dogs given up or put down because of easily fixable issues. I want to give owners and dogs the best chance of living the lives that they deserve”

What do people say about us?

Frequently Ask Questions

We have ALOT of problems coming out of the inboxes.

Our most typical problems include:

  • Lead Pulling
  • Dog Reactivity
  • Jumping/Nipping

We are proud to say, NO, we don’t train the dog. We train YOU to recognise your dogs body language, interpret behaviours, solve problems, create behaviours, train obedience and generally life-proof your dog so you can enjoy the life you thought you were signing up for when you got your dog in the first place.

We do! We currently work Saturday mornings from 0700-0800 and 0900-1000 but we will soon be opening some times on a Sunday as well.

All our training is conducted in the comfort of your home. Now obviously some dogs are well behaved at home and we understand that. We can also arrange to meet in public places. Ultimately that is where all the training leads! We need to proof every behaviour in real life.

There are a few reasons we train at home first:

  • You and the dog are more relaxed for better learning
  • We can TEACH behaviour before we test it
  • There may be some safety concerns at times
  • We can control the environment for specific training scenarios

Top of this page! In the menu. Hit the “Book Now” Button and we can get our Initial Consultation underway.

Don’t worry, we won’t just be slapping a prong collar, choker or electric collar on your dog!

We cast a wide net at The Stoic Dog, however, 90% of what we do is positive training. We focus on creating behaviours using motivation. We want confident, intelligent and problem solving dogs.

That being said! We don’t live in fairy land. We know there are times and places to ensure our dog follows through with our commands or that certain behaviours are unacceptable.

We love to use food, toy and praise for reward, however we will ensure that your dog is life proof before we throw you a bag of food and expect magic to happen.

We knew you were going to ask that… No, not yet. In 2022 we will be launching puppy and obedience classes, as well as some ‘other’ interesting classes from Tom’s time in Special Forces.

All of them! We don’t discriminate. Big, small, fat, skinny, working line, show line, young, old. Send them our way!

Typically we do see alot of:

  • German Shepherds
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Rottweilers
  • Staffys
  • Poodle Xs

So unfortunately we don’t work with those cases. We have a reason for this and we had to draw a line in the sand unfortunately.

Short version is: The best outcome will never outweigh the risk of the worst outcome. It is not worth risking the safety of a child in our eyes.

Nope! We don’t do any type of guard dog, protection work or bite training with pet dogs. Our lead trainer Tom offers these services to Government clients only through Origin K9 but it is not a service we offer to the public.

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